Friday, June 04, 2010


Came back from celebrating Jason Ding's birthday over dinner at Chilies.
Been told its a dinner among huddle-mates and therefore it's like a "guys only" dinner. LOL.
The only difference from a normal guy's dinner is that all of us call Jason mentor.
Not verbally of cause.
It's different. Talking with them having dinner with them isn't like other guys i've dinner with.
Maturity and respect are some of the feelings i get.
Above that, it's like we all shared something common other than just a mentor.
But just a feeling that's all.Nothing else.
What happen today made me thought about this article "You Are Who Your Friends Are" by Donald Miller.
It talks about simply this,"You become like the people you hang out with the most".
This remind me again of Robert Kiyosaki's theory of your income is the same as your top ten friends.
Looking at this two theories.
I came to an understanding that all of this has to do with values and principles.
Sometimes its a conscious, sometimes its just go-with-the flow thing.
But its a choice. The longer you are with someone, the more likely it is that you'll adopt the person's values and principles.
Your closest circle of friends becomes you.
Sometimes we do not want to admit it but its true. Peer pressure effects us.
I don't we've a choice in whether peer pressure effects us or not.
But I do think that we have a choice in choosing who our closest friends are.
A choice in choosing who'll be having an influence in our lives.

In writing this, has also put me in a place where I've to make a choice in my life today onwards.
I've to choose do what the people I want to be like do.
I've to choose not to do what people i don't want to be like do.
Its not a matter of doing what is right or wrong.
Its a matter of taking in values that I want in my life.
Now a review of Chilies at Empire Gallery.
New place good food.
As expected of a Chillies branch, the food will always make you full irregardless of how it looks.
Looks can be deceiving.LOL.
I had quesadillas. A lesson that I learnt is that its best eaten shared. just like the fajitas.LOL.
But it is good. But even better is the fellowship.
Cake presentation time some of the crews came out to sing a birthday song to Jason Ding.
Good Service + Good Filling Food.
2 Thumbs Up!!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

IT IS TIME, For The Future.

IT IS TIME. Clarification: This is not an emo post but for da sake of
future generations.I'm 25 years of age.I'm not proud of it but i've been in CF since 2002.I've seen the rise and the fall if the various CFs that I've
served in.And I tot I've seen everything.I'm wrong.Ppl r not perfect.When you fix a prob,new probs occur.Solutions r not perfect.Only God is perfect.Probably tats y we're in this together.

IT IS TIME FOR THE FUTURE> Hard Question,U r a senior n da Comm.s is
your junior. They made a decision which u do not like. U confront them,
they still stick to their decision. Be proud that U have done your part
4 it is Ur right. But b humbled that they r still your leaders
irregardless of their flaws.CF is NOT a political party nor it is a
club vying for recognition. It is however,a "Fellowship".

IT IS TIME FOR THE FUTURE>Hard Question#2,Da CF u're in is NOT da CF U
r expecting. Nor it is tat anyone is perfect.Boykotting or Shoutin-Out-2-Da-World doesn't really prove anything except for your character.Nor
is sabotaging or poison letters will ever change it into the ideal CF-In-Sky.
We da People will either make it or break it.

IT IS TIME FOR THE FUTURE>Words is like honey unto the lips or sword
through da heart. Take wisdom in evry word tat U say.Watever tat is
true,noble,right,pure,lovely,admirable,excellent or praiseworthy, let
tat come out from Ur mouth.Evry positive word builds, while evry
negative word destroys.Dear ppl, it is time to tink bout wat u say.Once
sent it cannot be unsent.Damage done. Send Ur encouragements not

IT'S TIME 4 THE FUTURE>Dear frens, Clarification: Da CF is not in
trouble.But it is 4 da past, future and present.It is not 4 da past to
judge but it is da present's right to make decisions.4 we r doin this 4
da future.I do not claim to b right in all tat i say.But this is wat
i've learn from experience.If i am wrong,share wit me and i'll take all
of it ALL down.I'm accountable for my own actions as I'm responsible to do my part for CF.

IT'S TIME 4 D FUTURE>Dear frens, i'm sorry if I've intruded into Ur space wit somethin tat probably does not concern U.But if U can do somethin 4 da CF near you,y not.If there's a CF in your school,college or Uni;Y not join them,support them n make a diffrence.Church is still more important but you're not juz passing b...y,every1 has a reason to be where they are.Alumnis r not forgotten,ur advise at da right time is still very much needed.We're grateful 4 Ur support.Come over the discussion board at to give us ur valuable feedback.Thx for ur time.